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Attorneys Handling Complex North Fork Zoning And Land Use Laws

Most real property owners and lessees are not legal experts. You shouldn’t have to be. You are running a business or trying to use your residential property as you wish. However, the land use and zoning laws on the North Fork are extremely complicated and require a significant degree of legal expertise to navigate. Real estate is always a high-stakes proposition involving significant financial commitment and risk.

The most important thing you can do is work with a trusted legal team that can protect your interests and help you navigate the legal real estate system on the North Fork.

At the Moore Law Group, we represent clients throughout the East End of Long Island in a wide range of land use and zoning matters. With decades of legal experience in all types of real estate law matters, we provide sound counsel and effective advocacy for both individuals and businesses.

Obtaining Appropriate Permits

For the legal right to use or develop real property for specific purposes, permits are often required. We help clients obtain permits that include:

  • Town building permits
  • NYSDEC Tidal and Freshwater wetland permits
  • Health department approvals
  • Zoning board of appeals
  • Town trustee wetland permits
  • Due diligence investigations of properties

The town of Southold alone involves many different zoning districts, each with its own regulations. Some zones have environmental constraints due to wetlands, agriculture and floodplains. It is absolutely critical to work with a legal team that understands these various zoning rules and regulations and can help you make sure you are able to use the land as you want.

Our lawyers bring exceptional knowledge and experience focusing particularly on these issues. We will walk you through the process and help make sure your rights are protected.

Discuss Your Legal Needs

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